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High-Quality Cable, Connectors, and Assemblies

Designed to withstand abuse from impact,
abrasion, flexing, tension, chemicals,
and extreme temperatures.

Military Connector Assemblies (MIL-C-5015)

Molded & mechanical assemblies designed to resist ingress of dust,
high-temperature steam, high-pressure water, and vibration.

Wire Harness Components

Choose Hoffman Products® for quality components
and cable ties delivered quickly and priced competitively.

Flexible Medium Voltage Power Solutions (5kV - 35kV)

Quality design and exceptional service
when you need it most

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Our Customers

TPC Wire & Cable Corp.


TPC Wire & Cable Corp. is an innovative producer of wire, cables and connectors used in harsh industrial environments. Through more than 35 years of progressive development and refinement, our products and accessories deliver reliable performance where other wire and cables consistently fail. TPC Wire & Cable designs and markets products that keep your operations running safe and sure. Our products and accessories effectively serve a broad spectrum of industries including steel & aluminum, utility, mining, automotive, food & beverage, government, oil & gas, transportation and wood, pulp & paper markets.

Our products are backed by exceptional customer service all the way from sales to engineering to distribution. We understand how important streamlined ordering and on-time deliveries are to your day-to-day and work hard to make it happen.

TPC Wire & Cable products outperform and outlast ordinary cable 10:1. That durability pays for itself, especially when you consider down time from lost production, replacement costs, maintenance, repair and administrative or regulatory challenges caused by failed wire, cables and connectors. From large bulk orders of wire connectors to a completely customized set of cable connectors, TPC Wire & Cable is the one company who can produce and ship everything you need in one order. We look forward to serving your wire and cable needs.

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